We’re Real People

Our business is focused on people first strategy and it’s based on the valuable ideas, hard work, and skills from real people who work here. 

Meet Inga Brel, 

Creative Director at EYEBRANDIT 

I’m a passionate designer, committed to using my vision & gifts to make the world a better place. I’m inspired by digital products that can inspire people to take a meaningful action in their lives. 

Creating visually stunning, smart work that converts drives me to constantly challenge myself and raise the bar — for myself and my clients/ customers. I love personal development, business growth, and modern marketing.

My skills include:

Graphic Design

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign

Web Design

  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • Mobile Responsive Web Design
  • E-Commerce (Online Shopping) platforms
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace

Multimedia / Video Production

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro

Web Design for Food Junkies NYC on Squarespace

Facebook Twitter Google-plus Food Junkies Web Design + about Food Junkies NYC is an online community of foodies who recommend places to eat and what to order. The founder of Food Junkies NYC came to EYEBRANDIT seeking a very simple website on Squarespace where they...

Online Marketplace Web Design & Development for the Boycott Market

We built a social marketplace (such as Etsy & Ebay) platform for sellers across the globe to sell products and services that are good for people's health and good for the planet. Boycott. Market is an online marketplace for cruelty-free, earth-friendly products and...

Web Design for McCoy Media Videography Portfolio

  We designed a creative videography portfolio to showcase McCoy Media production work. The site was designed and developed on Wordpress platform with frontend editing capabilities. Michael McCoy is a professional videographer and executive / creative video producer....

Nutritional Supplement Packaging Design for Third Eye Opener

THIRD EYE OPENER   We designed a clean yet attention grabbing nutritional supplement label / packaging for 4 lines of supplement product.Third Eye Opener is an online retailer that sells "stuff for clean hippies". Third Eye Opener launched two lines of supplements:...

Web Design for Real Estate Brokerage: A Better Way to Sell Homes

We designed a modern, professional, & user friendly website for a real estate brokerage to showcase their for sale and sold listings as well as give the ability to search for listings on the website directly from the Multiple Listings Service (MLS). RE Home NY is a...

Video Commercial Production for BioLab RX Hair Loss Supplements

BIOLAB RX   A 29 second Youtube video commercial we produced to showcase BioLab RX Men's and Women's hair loss treatment supplements. BioLab RX is a supplements manufacturer and distributor. Founder of BioLab RX hair loss supplements came to EYEBRANDIT to help promote...

Video Production for Symbiotic Knights: Event Promotional Company

SYMBIOTIC KNIGHTS   Event promotional video for NYC nightlife event targeting social media.Symbiotic Knights is a NYC nightlife event organizer and promotional company. After seeing NYC nightlife event promotional companies advetising their events with an engaging...

E-Commerce Web Design for Stand Out Shop

Web Design PROJECT Stand Out Shop Resume Templates shop WWW.standoutshop.COM VISIT WEBSITE About Project Stand Out Shop is an online store that sells downloadable resume templates to help job seekers stand out on their resume.We designed a user-friendly, modern, and...

Web Design for IT Company: BrelTech Inc

BRELTECH INC An appointment booking website for an IT company. BrelTech Inc. is an IT company servicing local businesses. Owner of BrelTech Inc. was looking to have an online presence showcasing their services as well as having the ability for people to book...

Web Design for ISKF

Web Design PROJECT International Shotokan Karate Federation WWW.iskf.COM VISIT WEBSITE About Project ISKF is an international Shotokan Karate Federation hosting clubs and events across the world.ISKF came to EYEBRANDIT to transform their old website and bring it to a...