Most frequent questions and answers
Unfortunately the devices are not free, however you can purchase a wide variety of them on AMAZON. We provided links to the most popular above under Purchase a Device. Although they are not necessary, they are highly recommended as our coaches can provide better insight based on the data from the wearable devices.
Yes! Sign up for multiple trainers or just one.
Each Trainer/Instructor has their own costs associated with their service. Check out their tile and inquire within.
Please email HELP@TurboTrack.me and someone from support will answer immediately
You may cancel at any time. Please contact your trainer and they will remove you from their account.
Each instructor, coach, trainer is different. Most will send out one immediate upon sign up. However, please inquire with your trainer.
Some devices are more accurate than others, however most are highly accurate.

Turbo-STRAPP was a device that was specially made for our customers. However, with innovations of the Apple Watch and other devices that TurboTrack.me now connects with, we will eventually discontinue (BUT SUPPORT) the Turbo-STRAPP device. This is why we changed our brand name from Turbo-STRAPP, which is often affiliated with the device to TurboTrack.me

Please contact Help@turbotrack.me and one of our support members will help you immediately.

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