We built a social marketplaceĀ (such as Etsy & Ebay) platform for sellers across the globe to sell products and services that are good for people’s health and good for the planet.

Boycott. Market is an online marketplace for cruelty-free, earth-friendly products and services.

The founder of Boycott.Market came to EYEBRANDIT seeking a solution that would let people who sell cruelty-free, earth-friendly products open a shop on their platform / website and sell, track orders, as well as earn money from sales independently.

We worked with the founder to develop solutions for the following challenges/ requirements:

  • Ability to have a multi-vendor store
  • Ability for sellers to view orders and ship products
  • Ability to let sellers collect taxes and shipping costs
  • Ability to pay sellers their commision / earnings automatically

The Boycott.Market officially launched in November, 2017. We’re currently continuing to develop and improve the marketplace and are proud of what we have accomplished so far with this web design and development project.

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