Inga is a front-end web designer and developer specializing in WordPress platform. Self-taught, Inga learns new web and graphic design skills quickly and takes full ownership of her work.

She currently works with local business owners on growing their online presence, driving sales through her web design services and social media marketing. 

Inga has freelanced since 2013 as well as worked as a Creative Director at an advertising agency in a team environment. 

She excels at managing multiple projects, executing ideas from concept to launch, creating digital marketing strategies, and solving problems creatively.


Industry Experience


Web Design Projects


Design Skills

Adobe Photoshop
7 Years experience 95%
Adobe InDesign
7 Years experience 80%
Adobe Illustrator
7 Years experience 75%
Adobe Lightroom
1 Year experience 44%
Adobe After Effects
1 Year experience 55%
Final Cut Pro
1 Year experience 78%
MS Office Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
10 Years experience 95%
Apple Pages + Keynote
1 Year experience 95%



Facebook & Instagram Pixel Tracking
3 Years experience 55%
Google Ads Planning and Deployment
1 Year experience 45%
Google Analytics Reports
1 Year experience 56%
Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram Ads Creative & Deployment
1 Year experience 78%


Web Design

Front-end WordPress web design & development
5 Years experience 75%
Responsive web design
5 Years experience 75%
1 Year experience 55%
5 Years experience 88%
Membership websites
5 Years experience 45%
Email Newsletter Campaign setup and deployment
3 Years experience 76%
Shopify platform web design
1 Year experience 45%


Interpersonal Skills

ENFP Personality (“The Campaigner”) – 7% of the population

I pride myself on the ability to come up with original solutions when I have the freedom to be innovative.

Imaginative and open-minded, I tend to see all things as part of a big, mysterious puzzle called life. I would say that there are no irrelevant actions, that every idea is part of something bigger.

Excited about learning new ideas, I can easily read between the lines with curiosity and energy. I see life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected is always looking for a deeper meaning.

If I find a cause that sparks my imagination, I will bring the energy necessary to make it come to life, jumping through obstacles and soaking up new information effortlessly.


Hobbies & Interests

New Web Designs Inspirations
Finding new web design inspiration on

Tech & Design Trends
Staying on top of all new tech with Product Hunt Newsletter

Marketing & Advertising
Learning SEO hacks from Niel Patel

Writing & Research
Blogging about local businesses and lifestyle on

Looking for travel destinations with geotaggied Instagram stories



Master of Public Administration
2008 – 2010
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
G.P.A. – 3.7
New York, NY

Bachelor of Science
in Criminal Justice
2004 – 2008
Saint John’s University
Summa Cum Laude
G.P.A. – 3.91
Queens, NY